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Hopefully this doesn't turn into a bash fest but we are looking at Maryland clubs and curious to how/where the MDU club falls in the High School years. Does MDU have a strong recruiting track record? Do their top players stay with MDU through HS or do they leave after 7th or 8th grade and go to the "Big 3"? It looks like their 28 team is their best team out there and from what we have seen/played, they are very very good. Thanks!

I fully understand your concern when jumping into the top pool. No one wants to be seen as a club hopper, and while it is still "early" the likelihood of switching clubs again before high school doesn't seem very realistic. So, anyone outside of the big 3 high school programs is definitely a risk at this point. If you leave a B+ team for MDU only to find out their best players are leaving for M and D, your situation hasn't really improved. If you are new to the top tier lacrosse scene do you take a chance on the up and coming programs like coppermine or MDU, or do you stick with the battle tested Heros, MandD, and Skywalkers?