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First up: McDonogh and Boys Latin. McD is playing with focus right now and if BL plays not to lose, they will lose. Not sure if BL's fogo is back. I have a hunch McD is going to win a close game 10-9.

Second: Calvert Hall and St. Mary's. Lets hope the best version of each team shows up. If CH specialists have a day, CH by 3, 11-8.

A Calvert Hall v McDonogh final would be one no one saw coming.

Possession is everything - BL FOGO will have a field day against McD; BL by 3+. Nice match up at the Dot with CH/STM. I have to give the edge to STMs 2-headed monster. I think the bigger question for CH is can the FR GK continue his run? STM by 1.

If the BL FOGO dominates the McD FOGO, look for a pole FO tag team and lots of pressure from the wings. I like McD's wing play to make that better than a 50/50 proposition. Remember Spalding went approx 70% against McD but didn't win. I believe the keeper play will be a more important factor than the X. Whose seeing the ball better? Agree on the FR GK comment for CHC. Has any freshman GK ever won the championship?