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Looks to me MDU doesn’t rely on just one or two players. Every kid on the field is highlighted and they have multiple girls who score. The team is learning to play as a team, and is well prepared for the next level. With that, comes fluctuation in performance unfortunately, but they can hang with any team.

As far as AACO, every day it could be someone different. Integrity is good a lot better than given credit, remove a player or two and not sure you would see the same results. MDU is more well rounded and skilled.

I would agree with this. From the 2 or 3 games I've seen my take is as follows

1) they are probably too unselfish and really don't have a dominant player who they can do go when they really need a goal

2) they actually play their bench in meaningful games. Great experience for the girls, but probably leaves some wins on the table

3) only real lax negative from my perspective is not being physical enough on defense. If I was game planning against them I would try to run some isos, PnRs and 2 man games against some of their smaller defenders