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MCD and BL is going to be a great battle. CHC and STM is turning into an annual rivalry. Whatever the final, what an outstanding Tuesday Friday coming up as these 4 teams are very very good.

Hats off to StP and Severn for a great run and they will be in it year after year.

Gilman and Loyola will get back on their horses soon enough.

Yeah, good take. Tomorrow will be fun for lacrosse fans.

Tomorrow will be really fun. Great for the sport and league.

StP has a nice underclass. They will be really good next year.

Also hearing good things about the kids heading to JC. That coach develops players so their future is probably bright. They seem to be building.

Gilman’s program was undermanned this year. But their coach is fantastic and tough so I do think he will have them back in the mix soon.

MSJ appears to have a good coach in place too. If he can get some of those Catonsville kids, he could easily turn some of those close losses into wins.