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Spaulding should have played zone. Defense not good man to man.

Need to thank the ref for keeping it close.

Spalding coaching should be fired. The ball hog boy wonder was never slide too or too late. That alone cost them the game. When boy wonder actually was slide to early he either lost ball or was none factor. BL, StM CH all will put a better D pole on him and slide early.

He will be a non factor in next game. Does Spalding not have any film on McD. Stop one man ball hog show and you win. So simple, worked all season . I guess Spalding coaches wanted to do something else LOL

Could have prepared by using their own ball hog.
They couldn't stop him, what game were you watching.

Sorry Mark, He is a decent player and had a good day due to poor coaching by Spalding. One man show is easily shut down with aggressive pole an early slide. Has worked for rest of MIAA all year. Team usually watches as he does his show. McD has looked average at best all year.

Watch BL next game. This is how you beat McD with ease. He will be a Non factor and BL wins by 5