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Madskillz is loaded and must be well coached. They can win it all.

I think Eagle Stix is less talented than some of the others…but their offense is precise. They have picked our team apart from X hitting cutters. They also have the best (or one the best) draw girls in this class. She is tall and good…did not see her at fall tourney though, so who knows.

Good bet that it’ll be Aces versus the MD champ on TV Sunday. If it’s M&D, take them all day long. They have Aces number.

All depends on the draw. 4 teams clearly better than the rest -- ES, M&D, MadS, Aces. Assume they are put in different groups. I think whoever get Aces will have an easier road. Best performance was a tie against an undermanned YJ A with losses to MDU, Heros and M&D.

My guess is Robinson sports puts Aces in M&D's group for this reason. Hard to convince me that Eagle Stix and M&D aren't in crash course in the final

If I were a Maryland team (assume M&D, Hero's or BLC for conversation purposes)....The order I would NOT want to play. And this is based off my daughter playing all 3 various times

Eagle Stix

All 4 are great. But for different reasons

Eagle Stix has a big draw girl. Who is really good. She was hurt in the fall...and her replacement was as good or better. They are technically sound. Passing is on point. They do not turn the ball over. And they are extremely patient. Talent wise you think you are better than them. Only to look up and you are down 3 with 5 minutes to go. They are a handful. It was surprising when M&D handled them with ease in NGLL final last year. But they came back a totally different team. Eagle Stix is the favorite to be in the final.

Aces plays fast. Their middies are skilled. The lefty who everyone knows is a beast. Small. But still a beast. And her penalty shot is a lethal weapon. Their main issue is goaltending (my opinion). Not horrible. But not elite. They can score quickly. My opinion is offensively they are right their with the best teams. Defense is a bit reckless. They wear helmets and play a bit careless sometimes. But I respect their game and they score quickly. M&D and Hero's played them a combined 6-7 times last year and they always seemed to lose by exactly 1 goal every time

Madskilz is fast. They play wide open. Fun to watch. Similar to Aces. But faster. Maybe not as technical. But you are going to get 48 (or however many minutes it is) of full effort from those guys. Did I mention they are really fast?

My only question is why is nobody talking about YJ? They are really good and have a heck of a top roster. Not very deep. But their top 12-14 is as good as anyone. They control the pace (similar to BLC)

Other regions are there for field trip only. Enjoy the sites.

My ranking among possible contenders to win the whole thing:


Nobody else has a chance (no offense meant).

Will be easier once brackets are out. Good luck to all 6 Mid-Atlantic teams participating over the next 2 weekends.

No one is talking about YJ because they don't play in NGLL.

Agree with your assessments with one exception. Aces isn't close to as deep as the the rest of the teams. They have several starters -- a few defenders and one low attackers who would struggle to make a top 3 MD team. I think they get a bit overrated because #2 for them is probably the best 27 in the country. They have another really good attacker-- #4 and both of their other middle are very fast and can score.

To your point, they are reckless on both sides of the field, several of their attackers lead with their helmets and have seen multiple players get yellows for dangerous shots. They don't create as many turnovers in their ride as M&D, Heros, or Madskillz will. Only 27 team I have ever seen get 6 yellows in a game. (they still won).

My apologies for including YJ

Did not even realize they were not participating in NGLL

But they are certainly a top team and judging by the schedules out they are going to be at all the top tournaments

I cannot argue with your assessments as well. It's all just conversation based on opinion.

All of the teams mentioned above are fun to watch in their own unique way or style.

The problem is NGLL outside of DMV is the a majority of states allow middle school kids to play on high school teams. As a result, many clubs opt not to participate or play with much weakened teams.

If the goal is to get the best clubs at nationals, the solution is to allow non-DMV regions to play their NGLL tourneys/games in the early fall before tourney season. I know for a fact multiple NY clubs have asked for this.