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Moving to Towson area in mid June and have 2 daughters (2027 and 2029) and looking for a good program. Our girls have been playing in Denver area for about 4 years but I know it is really serious here, any suggestions?

Based on Towson area and distance from there. Depending on the girls level of play and PT they are looking for there are a few teams below to consider. M&D or Hero’s are two of the top teams in the area but may be tough to make compared to these other teams. Furthest drive but worth it.

Coppermine is a solid team that honestly could use a couple of talented girls and currently have a core group that is pretty good.

NEMS is a little further drive very similar to Coppermine that the write up would be the same. Without the properties / facilities that Coppermine owns.

Skywalkers is a question mark. Have a great track record in the past with older teams. If they attract the top girls from other teams they could be the best option but if not they would be below the two above. The historically happens around 6th or 7th but hasn’t with this 27 team for some reason. That’s the question mark.

Lesser teams would be TLC or FCA. They would be a last resort it just trying to play club and don’t make any of the five already mentioned.