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What does Mark Dixon mean by this tweet? "If MIAA is going to allow out of state rentals for 1-2 years then they should allow kids to transfer btw schools without having to sit out a year."?

What is the benefit of having an out of state rental?

How is that related to transferring to a different MIAA school?

Are people trapped at Loyola Blakefield?

What a cry baby. Dixon has always been a cry baby. All MIAA teams promote and allow holdbacks , Now he is upset that some teams that are not LB bring in some overage ( double holdbacks) out of state players . LOL .. Waaa waaaaa Dixie
Loyola has 140 lacrosse players in its program. You would think they could do more with all that talent.
LB- home to Freshman titles.

So much bashing of LB on this forum; feels someone has an agenda - right buddy? 🤔