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What does Mark Dixon mean by this tweet? "If MIAA is going to allow out of state rentals for 1-2 years then they should allow kids to transfer btw schools without having to sit out a year."?

What is the benefit of having an out of state rental?

How is that related to transferring to a different MIAA school?

Are people trapped at Loyola Blakefield?
He means that Calvert Hall has been bringing in kids from out west for a year or two who can’t finish their careers out because they age out. They get a year or two out of them and then they are done. Bob Shriver mentioned on the livestream that the Culver transfer will be ineligible for MIAA play next year despite being a junior. The middie from Avon who played for CHC last year as a junior couldn’t play this year. Another pole at CHC was in the same boat. So rentals refers to their services. The league won’t allow a kid from MSJ to transfer to Spalding without losing a year, but grabbing a kid from Colorado for a year or two is perfectly fine.

It is within the rules. So why is the holdback League upset?

Dixon knows LB’s problems are deeper than “unfair transfer rules.” But it’s interesting that a Loyola dad would tweet that.

Because LB and CH are the two schools kids would be transferring away from. Both LB and CH horde players, feed them manure until their hs careers are gone.

It’s not fun to think “maybe I’ll get a shot next year” only to see another year wasted and no real playing time.

It would be funny to see all the 2nd line kids who don’t get a fair shot at LB and CH transfer elsewhere.

Now you’re talking my language. I have been suggesting not going to those schools at all. If you must start there, get out before they put the handcuffs on you. Those schools as well as BL & StP only have the best interests of approx 15-20 boys in terms of real development & playing time.