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Igloo has 16 players committed! this is a fact!!! Going to Georgetown, Villinova, Army, Syracuse, Michigan, Navy, Lafayette, Harvard, Colgate, High Point, Bucknell, Vermont, Quinnipac, Yale, Hopkins

As the parent of a kid that plays for a NLF team (not from LI) we rarely see or hear about Igloo. What a great list of college commitments!![/quote]

Yes, the mystery is solved. Coaches will find good players and players with social media and YouTube can get to coaches easier.[/quote][/quote]

[quote=Anonymous]LI Express has 16 commits. Similar list as Igloo but slightly better, also Igloo is claiming kids who don’t live on Long Island.

"similar but slightly better" lol 1. How many of those kids used to play for Igloo? Express collects talent, it doesn't develop it. 2. you may want to check the addresses of your players