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So what’s the recruiting roundup? Kids are still committing but at a trickle…even a few B team commitments, but with all the 5th years, it looks like a struggle for many deserving kids.

From speaking with someone on the inside the game has changed with the transfer portal. All coaches are looking at established players first. Those in the know think it will slow down in 2/3 years - once the “5th year” COVID players use up eligibility but the portal is here to stay. Colleges are looking their first for many players. If a college can get one or two “men” not boys who have competed on the collegiate level to transfer they will take them over a high school boy whose talent is unknown. This is not for the 4 and 5 star players but for those as described as “deserving” in the above post. Think about the numbers, if programs take a couple of transfers per year the math just makes it such many kids will not be recruited. Again this is for the fill in players at D1 not the stars.