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Some great content in the long post and I agree with 90% of it.

The big point where I disagree is around around tournament selection.

The top tourneys (lax for the cure, Live Love Lax and a couple others) already have waitlists. If you aren't playing in these tourneys as a 7th grader, there is very little change your club will get in by the time it matters. You will see several clubs with uncompetitive middle school teams register for this reason. They know if they aren't in now, they will never get in.

That pretty leaves G8 (which is invite only) and Mid Atlantic Summer championship) as the only potential summer tourneys. This is not a small deal and will hurt any chance FLG and to a lesser extent Tradition have at retaining their top players. This is not a small deal. This is the reason you always see the same teams compile talent by 9th grade.

With all the showcases now, summer tourneys are hardly the best all end all. America Select, Nike, under armor, etc. Those matter more than club tourneys.

Keep telling yourself that FLG dad