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It doesn’t matter to anybody except the kid from here that practices with the team year round and gets minutes taken away. Happens now with all the clubs and nice thing is there is a lot choice to play elsewhere.

It's been said before but I'll say it again for you slow learners. The "Texas" kid has been with 91 since 3rd grade. His family only moved to Texas last year. Maybe some people are jealous because his parents can afford to fly from Texas for lacrosse. Maybe some are jealous because he's possibly the best 2025 lefty attack in 2025 on LI. I don't know. Either way, if someone is upset about playing behind him, find another team. He's not going anywhere and he's not going to be playing on the second line.[/quote]

Not on 91, but that kid is the best attacker in the grade! If 91 parents are unhappy we would love to have him play for our team. Just don’t see what the big deal is, he’s been on that team forever.[/quote]

Great player but not tops in the grade. That’s reserved for the kid with size, quickness and can play with both hands or a legacy. Too much lax royalty in 2025. The hype machine behind some of the high profile daddy kids will carry them. There is room for everyone so not a big deal.

And for the record 91 has 4 kids from Texas, 2 from PA, 2 from CT. Will continue to collect players from all over to pad the recruiting stats[/quote]

A lot clubs are now made of rosters from multiple states. Seems like some clubs just take the fall lightly and play a few away tourneys that provides for travel for all and the locals will play box all fall and winter. And then back to field and play 4 or 5 events in the summer. Seems like a decent model for some.