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It’s either one of two reasons why the 2029 division seems the way it does.

1. (Less likely) There is just a statistical anomaly in talent and athleticism for kids born in 2011.

2. (More likely) COVID impacted this age probably more than any other age. Right around the time the youngest rec kids were looking to transition to club the pandemic hit. When the better players would normally have been getting comfortable with more game reps, training and whatnot - the pandemic hit.
There was nothing going on for these kids lax wise at the wrong time.

The result seems to be fewer kids playing at this age and those who are developmentally behind where the 28s and 27s were at the same age/grade.

I think it works itself out in the next year or so.

It’s #1. They 29’s in our district are not impressive at all.
Was like that before Covid.