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[quote=Anonymous]I think we have talked about this enough. Sounds like there are a lot of instigators that want to keep this going. Let’s move on.
Theres no one instigating anything. The article doesn’t makes sense, plain & simple. Big guestion is, if she’s good enough to make the US team, WHY is she on red? She’ll be on black this fall, I’m sure.
Most the top talent doesn’t try out for the USA development program. Has no relation to actually playing on the USA team later. Brogden cup is like a 3rd rate tournament.
You are fooling yourself if you think top talent is not trying out for the US team-of course the girls want to make the team!

Ok I just googled her. She has sooo much good PR coming her way.
Great job Mom and Dad!
Kinda reminds me of a few other high schoolers not from the east coast on the circuit right now…
Anyways- these tournaments she entered and made are not cheap! Money grab city! Her parent must make a lot of it.
The USNTDP is expensive to try out, and to make the team. Maybe it’s a little seasoning on my part but you do not need these tournaments to get noticed by coaches- sure it helps, but if your kid has the right stuff, just keep on swimming!
I am just imagining the number of POC of a righteous playing ability, that can’t and don’t enter these tourneys because of cost.

Not hard now a days to find out just about every thing about everybody. Lives in a 1.3mill home. The struggle is real!

…and what does the value of their home have to do with the subject? Sounds like they worked hard to afford it…like so many of us. Also sounds like envy and jealousy. Let’s move on from the subject. This is a circular conversation with rehash after rehash.