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the best goalie in the country

#1 Mason Poolin Next Level

#2 Mikey Muher Madlax
#3 Luke Robinson Hawks
#4 Myles Dworin FCA UPSTATE
#5 Jake Riley NEXT LEVEL
#6 Dominic Fintel NEXT LEVEL
#7 Wyatt Whisenhunt ZINGOES
#8 Mac Brooker TX CANNONS
#9 Owen Struzz TRUE COLORADO
#10 Robert Backzkoski BLE

Mr poolin care to share how old these mid-Atlantic “6th graders” are?

This troll post is from a not so bright 6th grader from DMV. Next Level doesn't have 3 goalies and while I'm sure some of these kids are good players, none of them are truly the 'best in the country.' There are great goalies from all over, including several from LI, but also NJ, NC, TX, etc.