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FLG would be mid tier in Baltimore. Pride beat them by a couple and Pride is still a level below Hero’s and M&D.

That may be true, but who would want to live in or near that cesspool?

Baltimore? You've been watching too much of The Wire.

Yeah, I wouldn't recommend driving around the city but there is some of the wealthiest areas in the nation 30 min outside the city.

Pride is a top-15 nationally team, no doubt about it. You got Hero's M&D, Aces, YJs then a gap with a bunch of good teams.

As someone who lives near Baltimore I am offended. Lol. Not really.

Baltimore is a cesspool. But not the surrounding areas. Which is where almost all of the players come from.

And as for FLG competing with the top teams from the "cesspool "......um, not likely. Spend a weekend with Hero's Green or M&D.

Of course Aces and YJ are tough, so maybe you would do ok after competing against them.