Dear M&D Parents,
I wish you all a happy holiday season.  I have an important announcement to make regarding the club.  Yesterday, I sold the M&D Lacrosse club along with Robinson Sports, M&D Orlando Lacrosse Club, and NGLL to a company called 3 Step.
This is actually a very positive thing for both the clubs and the businesses overall. Even though the club will no longer be technically owned by me, it will still be run by me.   I am not going anywhere.   My new job will be the head of the Robinson Sports Branch of 3 Step.  So, all of the same responsibilities I have had in the past will remain in the future.  All of the same people in the club will still be involved.  The name M&D will remain the same, the coaches will all remain the same, Scott Robinson will still be the recruiting coordinator, Chris Caulk will still be our administrative assistant.    There is no change in anything really for the rest of the 2022 season as far as the way M&D has been run.  It will still be a small club feeling with a big corporate backing behind it.
For our future, you will see some positive changes coming about.  We will have a new website for the 2022-23 season and registration.  We will also be utilizing the apparel department at 3 Step.  The players, coaches, and parents will love this new change.  It will be a 24/7 on-line store similar to shopping Amazon.  No more waiting for 6-8 weeks for your apparel to show up.  It will be there within the week you order it.  Uniform ordering will be done in a similar fashion.
Some other changes that will be happening over time will be ones that may not be right in front of the parents and players but will help us administratively.  3 Step owns 48 businesses similar to M&D/Robinson Sports.  They have an outreach to 3.5 million athletes.  This type of size gives us tremendous leverage with facilities, sponsorships, and resources.  I cannot tell how you that type of support helps with the long-term viability of the club prospering the way it has for a couple of decades.
On top of that, there are a number of boys’ and girls’ lacrosse clubs that are currently under the 3 Step umbrella that gives us some major benefits for partnerships, events, and great future offerings.  Some the names may be familiar to you such as 3D which over 200 club teams nationwide between their boys’ and girls’ teams.  NXT out of Philadelphia which also has events, boys’ teams, and girls’ teams is also a 3 Step company.  Atlanta Storm, New England Storm, and Common Goal are 3 Step clubs.  Locally, the Annapolis Hawks and Hogan Lax on the boys’ side are also under the 3 Step umbrella.
The sale of the clubs was really something that I did not take lightly.  It was my pride and joy since 2001, and it really was a difficult decision for me.  But when I really evaluated the positives versus the negatives, the positives won out big time.  First and foremost, I believe this benefits the players and families within our organization in the short term, and also the long term.
So, with that big news, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy over the next couple of weeks and enjoy your family during the holiday season.
Chris Robinson