This has to be the LOWEST of the LOW on here. Let me ask you all something, if your kid was doing this in any capacity it would be considered "CYBER BULLYING" so why do you feel that what you are doing is any different, because you're older? If that is your answer you are really in need of some soul searching. This site was good for looking up camps, clinics, tournaments and showcases but now all it does is give really disgruntled parents a way to take out their frustrations on programs coaches or even sometime actual kids (WHICH IS CRIMINAL). ALL of these programs are flawed, WHY, because they are all a business and if you cannot see through that then that is YOUR PROBLEM. Stop thinking your kid is better than they are, again, that is your problem. If your kid got bumped from the A team to the B team because he didn't hit puberty yet, it is what it is and you move on. He will find his way back to the top if and when HE decides it's time not the parent that NEVER did anything at this level. ALL of these programs offer something that can help a kid, ALL OF THEM. It is your job as a parent to find that gap not complain about it just because you want to be on one of the top programs because of name recognition. In less than 3 years, this is ALL DONE, 50% will play at D1, D2 or D3 programs 50% will find their niche in life outside of lacrosse and now the parents will need to scream and yell about something else. PLEASE GET OVER THIS WHOLE thing and just do the right thing for your child. There is good and bad in everything. My kid plays, my kid is good, my kid IS NOT GREAT. My kid is exactly where he needs to be right now and if i see any change in that it's MY responsibility to address the situation, first, with my son and wife, then with the coach if need be. it is not my responsibility to come on here and blast the program the coaches or the parents for that matter. Type your comments, let them sit a little before hitting send and if you need to reply then go look in the mirror afterwards and ask yourself "how embarrassed would my kid be if he knew i was blasting another team or his own team for that matter and what would be the consequences if people found out?" because in the recruiting process social media deviants will get your potential scholarship handed over to a lesser ability player with parents that kept to themselves and your stud will wonder why for the future years. How is that fair, your kid did nothing but what was asked of him by his coaches throughout the years, but dad (or mom) didn't think that was good enough. Come on man! Happy Holidays All!