I can’t stand LE because they are liars and you can’t trust them at all. It’s that simple. I had my son play with them for 5 years and they F’d us his junior year.[/quote]

Sounds like your kid was a bottom 10%er and got cut.[/quote]

Also sounds like you may have been part of the problem. What does that mean, they screwed us his junior year anyway?[/quote]

This means that they often will end up cutting the bottom 10% of the team and adding kids that come over from other clubs to improve the roster. It happens with many programs.

So it most likely means your son was a bottom of the roster guy that they felt could be replaced by someone or just better off without having to give your son playing time.[/quote]

Actually, you’re all wrong. He wasn’t cut and was a strong player. Not top 5, but next 5. It was because he chose to play with his HS team in the fall, he was ignored thereafter. No recruiting support.