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Not sure I follow. Was it just word of mouth to try out?

Yes, word was quietly put out to FCA and Hawks coaches directly, who passed on the information to the parents. Other kids playing (MadLax etc) knew to get in touch this time of year. If your friends' kids play for FCA and Hawks didn't mention it to you, lol, you're on the outside.

Frankly all of the "true Canadian box" programs in MD are run very curiously.

And if you think all of those are bad, don't even ask about the way that the "indoor (not box) leagues" are run. No age/year verification and tons of kids who can't catch and don't pass. I've heard coaches say they'd rather the kids put down the stick for 2 months than play "indoor lax" that's poorly coached or not coached.

IMHO I am thankful for the Box coaches and organizers (Warthogs, Arrows etc) for doing "something" for the boys when each of them are successful guys who could sit home and just not do it. It's a good resource for our boys.

You’re right about most of it but it didn’t have anything to do with the coaches.