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Ok, there is a reason people hold back!!! Look at the College players. How many of the top players in college now in the top 10 colleges were “holdbacks” back when?

You sound like a holdback parent, trying to rationalize it as the “non holdback” parents that are the real problem!? Youth lacrosse needs to address the holdback issue! Period!!

Lots are heldback. I would think as a percentage, holdbacks in College lacrosse are way above average for on age players players if you take all lacrosse players as a whole.

It does work. No question about it. Makes good to very good players on age instant above average players, Cant say it doesnt. If I want my kid to play D1, I am holding him back regardless of grades

And, plenty have done it and will do it for lacrosse! The earlier the better. They won’t admit it though!! I know of many who have! Its almost like you have to nowadays for D1 Colleges.