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Yes school and your career path academically first then to choose your school based on lacrosse program or conference or record.
Seen to many talented players either drop out or get a liberal arts degree in no particular field of endeavor.

I have seen many who have done very well with a Liberal Arts Degree, especially when it is from a good school.

I haven seen too many especially the ones that go to the better schools/programs drop out.

The point of attending college is to better your life. It is to make more money over the course of your lifetime and have a life experience that is worthwhile. An Ivy League/most selective degree will open up more doors for you than a no-name college will. Point blank. Ivies are better colleges because they have greater resources. Kids that attend most selective colleges do not earn more money over the course of their lifetimes because they went to great schools. They earn more money because they’re smart, capable, well-connected, and used these schools to maximize their opportunities.