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Originally Posted by Anonymous
So that was one of the most pathetic posts ever typed by an anonymous YJ ring kissing parent . I’m sure everyone appreciates your “ I played lax in high school “ evaluations. I know your the guy on the sidelines telling everyone how good YJ is and that your kid is amazing!! Obviously everyone is aware that this is fall ball , most teams trying things out and installing new offenses and defense schemes . I personally wouldn’t put tons of stock in a fall schedule or what tournament Laxon played in. You seem to be very busy studying every teams schedules , rankings and every other meaningless statistic. It’s time for you to get a new hobby !! I feel terrible for your daughter , very sad .

Ok now you’ve done it. You’ve bashed every single club and team that is a threat to you including your own B(Pink) team. Was this a feeble attempt at a smoke screen or are you mad at them all for not showing up to practice and Dallas?
Bashing others will not make players want to leave and come play for you..

Pathetic?… YES it.is
But par for the course with you
Let’s get back to talking recruiting

You really have something to prove accusing the same person over and over. You have zero proof of who posts things on here. Once again attacking the same person for no reason other than a personal grudge. You need to get over it. You’re acting like a big baby carrying on about a young women who probably doesn’t even know she’s being harassed by a 50 year old man on this website. All you’re doing is trying to start drama to make yourself feel like the alpha when no one is even challenging you. Grow up.