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Does anyone know if Warthogs are having tryouts or playing this season? Have not seen anything about registration for teams, as in the past. Thanks.

Warthogs have been playing for the past two weekends- just completed 14 hour mini camp over 4 days. 6th grade team is ALL Hawks and FCA players. Some of their best. Madlax helmet or two. Couple Team MD players. Their love fest continues it seems…. That team is very very good. Hopes to compete nationally

They have a robust 7th/8th/9th squad and that team is pretty good. Mixed bag of clubs

Good core group of 2030s also- kids learning the game

Warthogs are the best box lacrosse in the dmv by far.. True Canadian style. Not “indoor lacrosse.”

What league or tournaments will they play in?

Premier Series at Myers, in house clinics at the FISC in Frederick, multiple tourneys in January, and some national things in the the summer of 2022.

Was not invite only, if you were in the know about the warthogs and on their mailing list, plans schedules have been posted for several months. Warthogs were working out of the new Moose AC in Glen Burnie, since start of the school year, but True took that over entirely I hear.

Nobody said it was invite only..........but when you're 1-2 hours from FCA or Hawks practice and the kids who show up are 8 FCA helmets, 6 Hawks helmets, and 2 ML kids, what are the odds that they just "signed up." Cmon man.

And as far as regularly "posting" anything:
Warthogs website last updated: 2020
Warthogs last IG post: February 2021
Warthogs last FB post: December, 2019

Initial emails to FCA & Hawks kids went out in November 2021, not "several months ago."

You're allowed to invite whoever you want, but don't pretend it was some kind of open process.

And yeah, True gonna do True! Special deal on the True Box Helmet I hear!

Apologies you weren’t invited.