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Frankly, this forum could use some more of this. No team is perfect in 8th grade, but the top 3 or 4 clubs have clearly separated from the pack for now. Personally, I think Sweetlax is most vulnerable. The statement that their ball movement has suffered is fact and they looked beatable this fall.

Everyone respects Sweetlax, Tigers, Express so much.....No holdbacks[/quote]

Honest question, how do they do it?[/quote]

Just deny that there are holdbacks, while there are.[/quote]

Hmmm… probably the team with the most holdbacks will dominate at this age. Growth and strength is measurable at this age. Not as much in HS. Boys catch up then. Rules need to be changed at youth ages!!![/quote]

Crown the Crabs now if that's the case. Their new FOGO redefines holdback.[/quote]

How old? Imported from somewhere else?