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Most kids surely aren't going to CH for the education which is why you literally see 120+ kids showing up for tryouts for lax and football etc. If you don't think athletes who are shadowing at CH aren't shown around by other athletes and coaches touting the sports dream if you come to these schools you are naïve. These schools sell the dream not the education; sorry to burst your bubble.

BK will never tell you not to come to CHC-he just won't play you. This is how he weakens other schools. The depth chart from 18-30 @ CHC could see considerable playing time at most other MIAA schools. This would lead to better college looks as well if that is desired... Parents wake up and stop the madness. Look around the beltway to greener pastures and still great educations.

Incredibly true. CH had a half dozen goalies on their varsity roster last year. How many more on JV and fresh/soph?
Those kids weren't getting daily warmups, yet alone quality practice reps or game minutes.
All of those kids would likely have a much better shot somewhere else. If I were a goalie's parent, I'd be looking at every league roster.