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Also have 2 seniors with no eligibility. And 1 junior with only only 1 year of eligibility.

Is one of those the CH -> High Point goalie? Noticed his name wasn't on the roster. Thought it was odd.

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CH has 123 kids listed in their lacrosse program:

41 Freshmen
33 Sophs
30 Jrs
19 Srs.

There is a big wash-out between F->SO and JR->SR.
Jimmy Ruffin is suddenly playing in my head:


MIAA A Conference teams are hard to make and even more difficult to get quality PT. Aside from the inclusion of FS teams and the larger numbers included on the squad rosters, the numbers going out for the lacrosse hasn't changed in fifty years. If your point is making a squad at a smaller school is easier, once again nothing has changed there either.

It is always hard to make a roster OR get PT. But there were not 120 kids going out for lax when I went to CH in the 90s. Our roster size was ~25JV and ~35V kids, tops. We probably had closer to 80 hopefuls in the school and only half that were really any good.

If you could get Nugent to stop take rippers and Pelky to stop with the chicks some of those teams could have been good.

Nugent won the Kelly Award his senior year. Not sure pulling rippers hurt him much.