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What are your recruiting directors or coaching doing for you ? I was reading another thread about things the club should be helping recruiting age players with and am curious what type of help you are receiving ?

Recruiting director: a zoom on recruiting and tournaments, contact to colleges pre/post tournaments, email templates, conferences with players about top choices.

Coach: multiple zooms on how to use connect lax, one about sports recruits tomorrow, reviewed recruiting profiles to help market our daughter properly, has helped us make film/taught us how to make our own, contact to coaches pre/post tournaments, runs social media, flyers for coaches with roster and jersey #s, first email templates and feedback through google drive, help with follow up emails, help with end of fall emails, multiple emails and chats about different schools camps/showcases/etc.

Coach and recruiting director seem to go back and forth before sending things out and note it when sending us information. The support we have received is amazing. We are beyond grateful.