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If your referring to what happened this weekend, those kids on GSB got thrown to the wolves (hopefully not by their coach). I watched games in both brackets and GSB could easily hang in the B bracket. They've proven they can beat the Red Wolves and O'reilly. Those 2 games they played on Saturday weren't fun for anybody. Its a young program, we'll see how they do in the spring/summer.

My son is on GSB and I promise you that Connor is putting an incredible effort into growing a team/family. The team is new, a bunch of first year travel kids. They are holding 30 indoor practices this winter for the team, how many is your program holding? He’s all in with this and when all the good reviews make it through the lacrosse grapevines I’m sure he’ll see substantial numbers at his tryouts next year. Were they ready for the Hatters or Rush this weekend, no, but they will be putting in tons of work and will be much improved come spring. The tournament was a total flop, 7 teams signed up and 2 brackets? 3 total games played in the A bracket…..