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Since this is the holdback thread just send your kid to private where it’s encouraged.

Public kids call it “failing” and it’s frowned upon.

That sums up the whole debate about holdbacks in a nutshell as they say. And so True.

My kids club team is arguably the best team for his grad year in the country, and has been more often than not, since the team originated 9 years ago. They have never had a holdback. The team (parents and kids) are very close and the majority of the kids have been on the team since the beginning. Not a national team. No ringers, ever. No new kids at all in a few years. And not one boarding school kid, ever. The last 9 years, I’ve been on BOTC, people have always said that their success can’t possibly last. They can’t keep winning at the highest level. The holdback teams will dominate them. “It’s going to be ugly!” But here we are, and the club years are wrapping up, and this same team is still on top (not arguable based on their list of accomplishments). Based on the success of this team, it’s obvious that the boarding school/holdback model is not the only successful model for developing top club teams and talent, which I’m sure is very much to the contrary of what most people believe that read this post. Just throwing this out there as a possible topic for conversation, since the culture in elite lacrosse dictates the boarding school/holdback path, thereby perpetuating LACROSSE’s well earned and long standing reputation as “the sport of the privileged”. No trolls please. All of this information is 100% accurate.

Go ahead and complete your post by naming club team and age group for this claim, otherwise this claim is unfounded.

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