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Been watching the league for years. I think there's more to coaching than being a lifelong educator. Most of these private schools have their own personalities, traditions and styles. Fit is also important.

I think Loyola is doing ok. I cant put my finger on it exactly, but the LB program just seems a little out of whack, maybe superficial and glib these days. They just don't seem themselves. It's like they don't have a consistent team personality that meshes with the school. They underperformed last year when you look at individual talent. Was that the reason? It doesn't make sense- Kids are wearing shooter shirts with "men for others" printed on it but late for the next face off because they are busy doing full-team sideline celly's. It's just weird. I don't know. Are they the classy catholic school or the no-class club?

Last year many players went out on the field and played terrible. They didnt need to outdo anyone as they were the in player. Should have been benched but that wouldnt have gone over well with the in the know parents.