Wow, Someone is bitter that their kid didn't get recruited by a top school[/quote]

People are oblivious. They think their kid is the next Rabil and smartest kid on the planet.[/quote]

So true. Hear it ALL the time, how great the kid does in school and on the field. Over the weekend, another father from the opposing team began with small talk, then the conversation changed to how great his kid was. It was the last game and I responded about 5 minutes into his speech, "You gotta be kidding me, if you are going to stand here and explain to a 60-year-old man how great your 17-year-old kid is.[/quote]

That kid will go to Harvard, not see the field, and then get indoctrinated into the woke culture. After college he won't be able to do any job other than coaching my grand kids lacrosse.[/quote]

Such nonsense, just more jealous and bitter drivel.[/quote]

Shows that you haven't been through the system.