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This stazidei coaching is really top notch. Offense is humming. Now with my sarcasm out of the way...seriously when will CR make a change. Our team scored a whopping 13 goals in 3 games. Assisted goals? Not so much. Such bad lacrosse.

For me, its not about the lack of goals, its that the goals they do get all come from turnovers and transition opps or free positions. Very goals for open, settled play and almost all of those were from 1 on 1 play.

Even in games we won by 9+ goals, we still barely had any assists.

This was perfectly illustrated in the Eagle Stix game. YJ arguably were more talented at every field position (ES goalie was probably better) and the game ended in a tie. The difference -- Eagle Stix runs a precision offense where everyone know their roles and they share the ball.

YJ pass around waiting for a defensive mistake or get tired and try to get a 1:1. The best offense was turning it over and then getting a turnover on the ride. (not a joke). At some point, once YJ is playing teams who are equally physical or know how to play the ball backwards and clear the ball, we will be in trouble.

The only real improvement I have seen is that our clears are much better this year and we are working the ball up the field as a team with much less one on one play.