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question for YJ parents -- did some girls choose to play on the B team instead of the A team to get more playing time? Saw both teams play at LFTC and I could pick our 3 or 4 players on Gaghan who were head and shoulders better than some of the bench players on the Grassy.

Even if it wasn't by choice - this happens pretty much every year. I think most YJ B teams have some players who are more talented than some of the back ups on A. Playing time, preferred position, friends on the team, better rapport with B team coach are all factors. Politics, certain school districts may also be a factor too, but I don't think a major factor. The point of the A teams is to win - so the very best players are always on A no matter what. The back ups on A and the starters on B - there is a gray area, especially as they get older.