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If it makes you feel better for your 30k a year, tell yourself YGWYPF. As far as being a better critical thinker bc you go to private school?! Hard to be a good critical thinker in a homogenous pool of similar minded people.
And for the record, the AP curriculum is the same at every school. It’s to prepare for the AP exam, which is the same regardless of public or private school. Get your facts straight. And finally, before you go bashing Eastern Tech or Carver, look at where their graduates go to college. Sorry if it hurts when you go to write that tuition check.

The kids at private school are better, more critical thinkers because the teachers actually require it of their students. My kid transitioned from public MS to private HS and there's no comparison on the difficulty and expectations. The standard is a thousand times higher at Loyola than it was at Dumbarton.