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I’m telling my 2024 son that since he already has a 93 average and is on track to score a 33 on his ACT, he doesn’t have to play lacrosse anymore because the slight advantage it is giving him to help him get into a top school is no longer necessary.

Sounds like a great idea. Get him a tutor to raise the GPA and ACT, it’s a much greater advantage.

No, it isn't. A recruited athlete with the above stats (good enough grades and 95+ percentile SAT/ACT) will have better odds of getting in to any Ivy than a valedictorian double legacy with a 1600 SAT.

My son got into an Ivy as a lax player with a 1250 SAT. We pay $28k for an $80k school. Family income is $200k and have one other child in HS. This is a better scholarship than he would have received at a non Ivy as it is the equivalent of about 65%

If your son did play at an Ivy, you of all people should know that he was an exception and is not really representative of most of his teammates (and other Ivy recruits/prospects). Heck, a school like Harvard (usually highest AI) probably has more players with 1600s than any who score in the 1200s.

The "cutoff" for most going through the Ivy process is higher than 1250, and the vast majority of your competition will score better than that. The Ivy (and NESCAC) lacrosse recruiting world is pretty darn small -- you run across the same kids and families from the usual schools (NE prep schools, Baltimore and Philly privates, Long Island and CT publics/CHSAA, etc), so it's easy for both parents and kids to get a general idea of what you're they're against.

Why enter NESCAC into the discussion?