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My son plays on LI Express. I’m just happy that he is playing against great competition on a weekly basis. Why care so much about a few holdbacks or a goal or 2 win/loss. Happy to watch my son grow and play healthy athletics. Proud of how hard he works, the effort he puts in and person he’s becoming.
People need to calm it down a bit on here and realize how lucky you are.

The most disgruntled parents on here are the holdback victims on the "WSYL" Team. Re-class is the Coach C recipe. He's going to feed that to anyone who will listen. Now what is the kickback to get that tuition at Chaminade or St. A's.... Keep feeding the beast. Let's ask the next question. Who's the coach at the re-class school? Ohhh Mr. Express himself. Ponzi scheme that parents will not hopefully figure out, 2026 Express kids just got face smashed by 2025's stealing their positions. Pay up young schmuck parents and you'll be at Air Force..
Your head is in the clouds and you've all been duped. Keep paying and keep traveling! You are all fool's and you know it! Truth!!!