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Interesting Blog from Deadspin

saw this posted somewhere else and had to share
This is simply an incredible series of e-mails and provides an extreme example of everything that coaching youth sports should not encompass.

Whether this sequence of e-mails has been editted in any form is secondary to some of the language used by Coach Cabell Maddux including:
  • You have no clue how this lacrosse world works. Wow. You have really screwed him. And by the way it is a big deal and I will let every one of his teammates know. His teammates will hate him for years for quitting and playing for a rival club. Trust me on that.
  • If I had any clue which I didn't until right now I would have kicked his butt off the team for not being committed. I dont need Ryan or your craziness. I would much rather work with a kid who is tough and grateful.
  • Hey ungrateful quitter....
    Your former teammates and coaches, who hate you now, can't wait to get a piece of you Saturday when we play vlc.
Surely, this requires more exposure and commentary from the community.