And so it goes. The essence of lacrosse. The game which is controlled by the almighty dollar. The official game of holdback boarding schools and snobs who are looking for nothing more than an Ivy sticker adorning the rear window of their Mercedes. as the ultimate status symbol. Looking for proof? Go no further than this recent exchange. Completely disgusting.

Looking for some clean air to breath without the traffic jam to the 7/11, where shallow people don’t pass judgement based on your possessions… and homes for every price range? Go east to Suffolk. While the Nassau boys dream of their glory days, a bygone era, Suffolk is the king of lacrosse on LI, and has been for quite some time now which by all accounts won’t be changing anytime soon based on what we know Suffolk is in the process of reloading with right now. Yup. Leave the congestion, pollution and graffiti in Nassau and come to Suffolk, the epicenter of lacrosse.