91 is and has been one of the most inconsistent teams I have ever seen. They should be an A team, but they can’t compete with A teams at this point. They have some good players and I can say at least 2 great coaches, don’t know anything about the 3rd. Express AA would not maybe beat them up, they would absolutely destroy them. Let’s not waste our breath pretending that team is not #1 on LI by a long shot…hands down, no question. There was no stomping of feet by Express B parents. This is a comment from a troll, maybe a parent whose kid used to play for one of the Express teams and is a little bitter about how the B team is doing. Express B is a good B team. There is excellent coaching and consistency. They have added some great players this year and dropped some others. I think they have the potential to compete with or beat the 91 team in the Spring if 91 does not improve.