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not a 91 dad, just an observer. the express dads were on the side disappointed they were getting their jerks beat by 91. stomping feet, etc. what did they think was going to happen. 91 team which is much stronger beat the express B team. it was laughable watching the express parents feel like just because they were wearing express helmets like somehow that was going to help them. They were obliterated. So yes you are right, maybe 91 wouldn't have fared well down in Delaware, dont know, but to think express B thought they had a chance against 91 is like I said, laughable.

I am sure the AA team will get a chance to maybe beat up on 91 at some point, but express has to stop with there ridiculousness like they think these other teams are so good, they are no better then any of the other teams.

Really? 91 teams have always strutted with that we are best attitude starting with 91 Exreme on down. . Remember 2020 Crush and the self proclaimed best club team ever motto. It’s all good, boast on, and people shouldn’t take so seriously…