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CN is an academic AA - great student. Dad went to Princeton. She knew she would not win at Duke. Coach and team were not as focused and driven to be the best as she was. It is that simple. She did not want her last 2 years to slip away without an opportunity to win a NC and be the best player she could be. Have to give her credit.

Exactly! Amazing what can happen with right coach and team culture! And a BC degree isn’t to shabby!

This is a really funny forum. Isn't this the thread that had some self rightious buffoon carrying on about honoring your commitment? Where did he go?

As far as BC goes, it's a good school but there are at least 21 schools that are considered stronger academically that offer Division I Women's Lacrosse.

I can't imagine the comments that would fly from some on this site if someone posted that their daughter was offered a spot at a Top 5 - 10 caliber lacrosse program but decided to go to a program not considered Top 35.

Never understood trying to elevate oneself or their decision or schools/programs by trying to tear down or diminish others or their decisions schools / programs.