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Kids get injured playing kids there own age. My sons small for his age so the other teams always look bigger and older. If u have a second grader playing up on a 3rd grade team playing in a 3/4 grade division you can't complain when u run into a 4 th grade team
Yes you can't complain when playing up or age appropriate. But when you show up at a tournament in a 5/6 grade bracket and play a team whose own parents admit are incoming 8th graders you have a problem. Who do you blame the tournament, the coaches who put a 7th going into 8th grade team in a 5/6 grade bracket, the parents (especially after they knew they were older), who? Unfortunatly it will take a player getting hurt and someone getting sued until it stops. MAYBE
Which team(s) was in the wrong age group and played down? The argument to date has been that this event is a festival and not a tournament, but for $1000.00 per team, you expect a tournament-level performance for tournament-level prices. Proper age-group placement is something that the BOTC advertised tournaments have been working to police this year.

Ridge Futures 6/7th grade team played 5th grade Tomahawks. When speaking with a Ridge parent about the age difference they said that because they had some 6th graders on the team they can play 5/6th grade division. Tomahawks are a straight 5th grade team. Also, somehow Viper 5th grade played Recon 2018. Also a two year difference. If the organizers stuck with US Lacrosse age guidelines the brackets would be 4/5th which is U11, 6/7th which is U13.