with all the results in from this summer its a bit disappointing that Inside Lacrosse calls it the elite eight - its not really the top 8 teams without Conn Grizzlies and Jesters Black here! Grizzlies have beat just about every team invited here and so have the Jesters.... makes no sense! It would mean so much more to the players and everyone else if it was really the best 8 teams. Top Gun got manhandled by Grizzlies both times they played this summer and they lost to Jesters. Monster and Skywalker lost to Grizzlies and lost to Jesters this summer. Heroes also lost to both Grizzlies and Jesters this summer. YJ lost to Grizzlies and lost to Jesters and then we beat them in a close game at Mid Atlantic Championship! My daughter is here playing w YJ so i'm happy but its not right!