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It's easy said than done to find a team that my girl is a good fit, right? You don't really know the organization and more importantly the team itself until you spend some time with them and then it's a whole year before the next try out for another team. And then even you hear the reputation about certain teams, but girls move around and the dynamics could be quite different.

Any suggestions how?

Is your daughter on a team this year? I have older kids as well as one at this age and I can honestly say I learned a ton watching the games. Listening to the coaches of other teams. Watching how the girls treated one another on the field. I would catch parts of other teams playing in between my kids games. Watching a coach during the game shows you a ton. Do the same girls sit most of the game? Does the coach yell? Is the coach giving instruction and taking time to talk to the girls in real time during the game? You also have to know your kid. How hard core do they want to be? Do THEY (not you) want to play in college some day? The biggest mistake I think parents make is chasing the A team at any cost. All A teams are not created equal. Sometimes you are better off being the top player on a B team than being at the bottom of an A team. If she isn’t on a team yet and wants to play travel
I wouldn’t have her sit idle this year. Call some of the clubs and see if anyone has spots (may be on their B team) it will give you a chance to experience travel and see some of the teams in action.