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I'm new to this forum.... I can't believe the [ChillLaxin] I'm reading here. Holding back 8th graders??? or any grade for that matter... you people need your head examined.

You seriously don’t see this happening more and more!? It may be crazy, but if the goal is to play in college and get heavily recruited, it’s going to happen. There is an advantage to it. I agree not fair and rules should be changed. But, in the meantime there is an advantage and as long as it is allowed and widely accepted, it’s going to happen more and more. If you thought your kid had a better chance at getting into a college he wouldn’t be able to without lacrosse by doing this… you wouldn’t think about it?! FYI , it happens in other sports as well! You don’t think an extra year or two of growing and training doesn’t get you better , you’re crazy! If it’s not fair, rules should be changed for club stuff.