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So the question I have. Are the TG girls getting recruited because the program is so good and they helped these girls reach their potential or would these girls been highly recruited regardless of team affiliation. My guess is 99% of them would have been highly recruited regardless of team. Your thoughts ?

I think that TG had great luck with this group of girls because of team culture. Many of the top girls on TG left other clubs to become a part of that program and it worked out pretty well for them. There is not really one superstar, but rather a group of girls that possess individual strengths that together help the team. They do not play selfish ball. That’s the difference. Many would stand out on other teams as well, but TG brings out the best in them. Although some aren’t fans of AS coaching, as he doesn’t play girls equally. It serves as motivation to work harder for playing time. Also helps that he has no kids on the team