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It’s amazing. One parent keeps complaining how bad yj is. Sorry... your kid isn’t good enough to play anymore. Two years ago she looked really good. It’s everyone else’s fault that she has not gotten better in two years ....and most other kids have. It’s the parent coaches fault that your kid doesn’t know how to play the game or doesn’t hustle. No one on high level teams pay for extra clinics/practices. It’s only YJ. You’re delusional. Good luck on a midlevel club beating up on bad travel teams. I look forward to more of your insightful travel posts in the future ...they make me laugh.
Your delusional if you think it's only one parent who is complaining about how bad the coaching is. You might be surprised who is complaining about the head coach, I just hope people actually have the balls to say something to CR. Nothing will change if everyone just sits back and says nothing.