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Originally Posted by Anonymous
I shouldn’t let my kid switch teams if he wants to?
Such a critical year in his lacrosse life?
He wants to play on a different team…. So he is. Why wouldn’t I let him play where he wants. Always on the field wherever he plays so why not let him pick. I’ll just have to take the old team magnets off the car. No big deal. Done.

Go where your kid is going to be happy! Let him pick. It’s Lacrosse and life is short. Perspective goes a long way. Everyone’s path is different as to how they get where they are going. The “express” path Not the only way. As much as some on here want to believe it is!

Sure let him pick what he wants but don’t be the stunard Karen who complains later your kid didn’t get into college because the stunard team losses all the time and is irrelevant.